Managed Backup

Managed backup covers all aspects of your data protection and availability.  From disaster recovery to uptime during natural disasters.  Our team will help you plan for all situations and ensure your data is reliable, available and secure.  We offer solutions for file, database, full system imaging and barebones recovery.  We will work with you to develop a backup strategy, implement the plan, then monitor it 24/7/365.

  • 24/7/365 one-on-one chat and phone support
  • Backup monitoring and logging
  • Backup system engineering and purchase support

50 network technologies, platforms, systems and software we're familiar with:

Acronis, Archiving, Array, Backup Exec, Bare Metal, Bits, Blocks, Business Continuity, Clonezilla, Cloning, Cloud, Cloudberry, Compression, CRC, DD, Deduplication, Distributed Files, Drives, Drobo, Dropbox, Encryption, Failover, Glacier, Hash, High Availability, Hot-Backup, Hot-Swap, Imaging, Library, Linux, LogMeIn Backup, Mongodump, MySQL Dumps, Partimage, Partitions, RAID, Redundancy, Replication, Rsync, S3, Snapshots, SSD, SSL, Syncronization, Tape, Teracopy, Ubuntu, Vmotion, Western Digital, Write Blocker

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