DevOps Services

Optimize Your Infrastructure

Compared to traditional software development and release management, our DevOps services allow for more rapid iteration and improvement. Through our DevOps managed services, Cyber Command acts as a toolbox for organizations looking to efficiently utilize resources and deploy, scale, monitor and optimize their applications.

Enhance Your Scalability

When utilizing Cyber Command’s expert DevOps support, you can play the peaks and valleys of user demand and application availability to your advantage: efficiently utilizing resources without performance degradation. As demand surges or recedes, we optimize your infrastructure to scale accordingly — enabling real-time adjustments while ensuring smooth operation and load management. This dynamic approach to infrastructure management is integral to meeting the ever-changing demands of modern applications, making it a key focus area within our DevOps services.

Maintain High Availability

We analyze both your user base and your infrastructure to ensure your application stays up even when hardware — or an entire data center — fails. In doing so, we work to minimize your operating costs while maximizing your availability and recoverability.

Maximize Your Recoverability

Disruptions in service can carry hefty productivity costs. With the ever-present risk of a ransomware attack, a disaster recovery system can be your last line of defense; the only thing standing in the way of total data loss. Our DevOps services allow us to quickly tear down your existing infrastructure and revert to an uncompromised version — restoring corrupted data and minimizing the impacts of attackers.

Monitoring Tailored to Your Needs

Our personalized approach to infrastructure monitoring is two-pronged, combining proprietary solutions with open-source tools configured to the exact needs of each client. Our around-the-clock monitoring systems serve as the linchpin, identifying issues and potential areas for improvement (particularly in latency and performance) which then trigger proactive responses. We monitor your infrastructure 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring your applications remain up and instantly relaunching them should they go down.

Strategic Cost Optimization

When it comes to reducing costs and maximizing operational efficiency, scalability is just one piece of the puzzle. Through our DevOps services, we pinpoint inefficiencies and provide cost-saving alternatives, ensuring you always have the necessary infrastructure — and only the necessary infrastructure — while preserving your resources.

Improve Security While Preserving Agility

Oftentimes, velocity of deployment is a developer’s highest priority, and speed can come at the expense of system security. Our tools enable a balanced approach to meeting your development velocity needs while adhering to security best practices and procedures.

Seamless Cloud Migrations

Cloud migrations allow users to move away from hardware-based systems: creating flexibility, improving scalability, limiting costs, and eliminating redundancies. With our automation and monitoring toolkits, we can ensure that these migrations — from archaic systems to the cloud, or from one cloud to another — are seamless and efficient. Our ongoing DevOps support helps clients avoid data loss, downtime, and other integration issues which may emerge during cloud migrations.

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