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Software development has steadily moved towards a more agile model. Rather than trying to build a program from start to finish and then debugging, software development companies now focus on fixing issues as they go and building programs piecemeal..

An Agile Approach to Software Development

The concept of DevOps emerged from the Agile design philosophy. Agile, as its name makes clear, emphasizes flexibility and agility: the ability to respond to changing circumstances. This is especially important in software development since technology advances rapidly. A project that started a few years ago could already be redundant by the time it launches. With an Agile approach, developers can keep their code relevant and even accelerate the design process.

If you’re considering shifting to a more Agile method of software development, you may have to make significant changes to your workflow, including the tools you use to develop programs. With a managed services provider, you can get the support you need to create an environment where your developers excel. By removing some of the more tedious tasks associated with development, you can free up your software engineers’ time so they can focus on more productive work. As the premier Managed DevOps Service provider in Orlando, we can help implement and execute your project.

Managing Operating Systems

Since most software development occurs in a Linux environment, we provide managed Linux support for companies. With redhat, CentOS, and Debian support, we can ensure that your computers have the software they need. If you need additional workstations, we’ll get them set up quickly. Likewise, in the event of damaged hardware or data loss, we can get your operations back up and running immediately. The goal is to keep productivity high by minimizing minor technical issues that stifle your engineers.

However, most businesses also rely on Windows to conduct day-to-day operations and handle other internal tasks. We also manage Windows 10 deployments, Windows Server systems, and Office 365 installations. Businesses need to have smooth accounting, sales, communications, and quality control processes. Office 365 can empower these areas of your business to operate more efficiently and minimize the burden on your staff. You want your developers to spend most of their time developing, not dealing with repetitive business tasks.

Virtualization and Containerization Systems

Virtualization and containerization are common strategies in modern development. Virtualization allows developers to test code on multiple operating systems while working from a single machine. It also facilitates compatibility checks with other services and programs. If a virtual environment crashes, the developer’s computer keeps running, which reduces unnecessary downtime. We have extensive experience helping companies set up virtual environments using tools like VMware. Nevertheless, virtualization alone is not sufficient for a company looking for the most flexible development environment.

Containerization is another technique that has rapidly taken over software development. Essentially, the source code of the program is packaged together with any other required files. When the container is opened, it accesses the operating system’s kernel and runs like any other program. Containerization has become popular since containers are small and can be transferred quickly using cloud storage. Meanwhile, virtualization requires dedicating a portion of the computer’s physical resources, which can be overkill for most phases of application development.

Managed Development Operations Services Orlando

IT Support Provides the “Ops”

Our support for virtualization and containerization tools covers the “dev” half of DevOps services. Our IT support handles the other side of the coin. IT problems can limit your team’s productivity. Unfortunately, the more complex the work you do, the more likely you are to run into IT problems. Managed IT services can provide IT complete support remotely. We can tackle everything from giving you a support ticket system to resolving your technical issues directly. We’ll also support your existing team.

Although you might have IT staff on hand to support your developers, there’s a limit to what they can do. You may not have someone available on all shifts. During crunch time, you may have more problems than your IT technicians can address at once. With remote support from our experts, your IT team can focus on bigger issues such as planning upgrades or installing new IT infrastructure. Ultimately, you’ll see your productivity increase across the board.

Cybersecurity Keeps Your Development Safe

Software companies are frequent targets of cyberattacks. Million-dollar projects are on the line, and cybercriminals know that they can take advantage of a company’s desperation to score a major payday, which is why ransomware attacks have increased in frequency. However, traditional phishing scams are also widely used to gain access to company systems and steal software in development. We help businesses stay safe by providing a variety of cybersecurity services. Our tools constantly monitor your organization to detect suspicious activity.

SonicWall firewall software and hardware can prevent direct attacks aimed at crippling your infrastructure, including DDoS attacks. Trend Micro systems and tools like WatchGuard monitor your files and your network to keep an eye out for any unusual behavior. Any bizarre activity will be reported instantly and one of our operators can intervene to ensure a breach does not occur. We also deploy tools like Symantec and McAfee to protect local machines from harmful downloads or email attachments.

Advantages of Managed Services

We love working with software developers because we know that your staff also has a high degree of technical knowledge. We speak the same language. That’s why we synergize so well as a managed services provider. Our goal at Cyber Command is to relieve you of many of the burdensome tasks that slow down your business. However, switching to managed services has other benefits. For one, it’s easy to scale up the service as your business grows.  

Furthermore, our flat-rate predictable pricing means you can actually get more service for less. Instead of paying for additional IT personnel, hire a whole team of experts.


IT is

It is unrealistic to expect 1-2 people to have a complete understanding of networking, backup & disaster recovery, compliance, cybersecurity, email monitoring, infrastructure, cloud management, and the list goes on.

Why depend on a few when you can have an entire team for a reasonable price?


Get instant technical support.

93% of tech support calls are answered instantly and 100% of messages get a call back in less than 15 minutes!

Why have someone for only 8 hours a day? Except when they’re off to lunch or working on something else — maybe they’re out of the office for personal reasons. Why chance it?

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How convenient would it be to have a team of technicians support and troubleshoot your network problems without needing to track anybody down?

Your managed IT department is on standby to tend to your every need, monitor and maintain your entire IT infrastructure and provide you peace of mind.

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