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Managed IT Department (MID)

Not All IT Support Is Created Equal

And while many providers step in only when something breaks — charging by the hour and becoming more profitable the more frequently issues occur — Cyber Command assumes a proactive approach to managed IT.

Featuring transparent, all-inclusive pricing and 100% US-based support, Cyber Command is more than a managed IT department. We’re an extension of your business.

US-Based Support

Cyber Command is proud to be a 100% US-based company with offices in Florida and Texas. When you reach out for support or a solution — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — you will be met by a team of familiar names and faces that are close to your business and have the technical know-how to solve your issues.

Transparent, All-Inclusive Pricing

Other IT providers make small fortunes off “out of scope” work, all at the customer’s expense. This leads to wildly unpredictable pricing and remedies that feel more like quick fixes than long-term solutions. Our scope is clearly outlined and inclusive, and the price you pay is constant.

Efficient And Uncompromising

We bring our best to every situation because we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing properly. But it’s also in our best interest to do the job right the first time, every time. This is why we employ and deploy only the best technicians who take the time to address issues properly — then prevent them from arising down the road.

IT That Scales With You

As a business with extensive experience, we’re nimble enough to recognize the potential IT problems plaguing your 10-person team — but robust enough to help you confidently scale to 500+. And should you need to reduce your workforce, you can rest assured that your infrastructure will remain the right fit. Whether your organization is leveling up or sizing down, we help you scale with agility.

Your In-House IT Department

Cyber Command is more than a number you call when things go south — we’re an integrated member of your team, there to recognize and address potential problems before they arise. We take full ownership of every support ticket that comes in, partnering with your vendors just like your in-house IT department would.

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