What Is Fully Managed IT Support?

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IT support is as essential for modern businesses as electricity or running water. The largest companies recognize this and invest more in IT staff and resources for the department. However, small and medium businesses can struggle to afford the wide array of expensive IT personnel needed to provide complete support. That’s why many companies are switching to fully managed IT services. It’s the smartest way to outsource your business IT support and bolster your existing team.

What Is Fully Managed IT Support?

Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Managed IT support means that your IT needs are managed by another company. Some companies choose to offload a few IT tasks while retaining command over others. Nevertheless, it’s possible to have all of your IT needs taken care of. When we talk about fully managed IT, we mean everything from physical infrastructure to strategic planning. Fully managed IT includes cybersecurity defense, non-stop IT support for everyday issues, and implemented solutions to help your company grow.

Managed IT does not have to replace your current IT department, though it certainly could! Many companies start out by hiring a managed IT service provider to cover weak areas, only to find that it’s so helpful they switch over to fully managed IT. Although we can do everything from setting up a printer to planning your IT expenses for years to come, consider a few of the most important tasks managed IT providers handle.

Cybersecurity Support

Cybersecurity is lacking in most small and medium businesses. Even though large companies make headlines because of the sheer size of their data breaches, SMBs are actually far more likely to be the target of a cyber-attack. A breach dramatically affects your image as customers have become more conscious of data privacy and expect businesses to take care of their data. Furthermore, some jurisdictions, like California, have laws that could lead to fines and lawsuits from consumers.

When you give us access to your computer systems and files, we can constantly monitor them for unusual activity. For instance, if an employee account logs in at an odd time of day or from an unprecedented location, our system will automatically track that activity. We can remotely log an employee out to ensure no files are stolen. You’ll also receive regular cybersecurity reports to further understand the threats facing your company.

24/7/365 IT Support

Even the simplest office runs into tech issues on a regular basis. Every time your employees have to stop to call IT support, you’re losing productivity. The faster you can resolve their problems, the better. However, most companies don’t have enough IT staff to address multiple issues at once. When major projects are underway, there’s even less support for day-to-day issues. Hiring more staff means increasing your monthly expenses and can result in workers with nothing to do.

Fully managed IT support solves all of these problems. You get on-demand support the moment you need it. Your employees can easily submit support tickets and we guarantee a response in an hour or less. If you have IT staff onsite, we can coordinate with them to balance the workload. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about hurting your bottom line since our fixed monthly cost gives you predictable pricing for consistent quality.

Solutions to Help You Grow

No business can grow without IT support. The more your business expands, the more issues you’ll run into. Likewise, your IT solutions will become more complex as your company runs into bottlenecks in your IT infrastructure. Our team can help you plan the future of your company’s IT. We are constantly reading up on the latest developments and we can use that knowledge to help you plan for the future.

Instead of being surprised by sudden expensive IT purchases, you’ll have a clear roadmap indicating the upgrades you’ll need and when those bills come due. If you’re interested in trying a novel solution but lack the experience on your team to implement it, we can help you strategize and make your vision a reality. Whether it’s as simple as web hosting or as complex as a cloud deployment, we’ll make sure you’re ready to grow.

How Do Managed IT Services Work?

Traditionally, IT has always been in-house. If your company has never used managed services before, it may seem difficult to envision how a company located in another state could help you. Fortunately, increased internet connectivity and cloud-based tools have made it possible to provide full IT support from afar. At the same time, we welcome the opportunity to work with your team to accomplish even more.

Powered by the Cloud

We use a cloud-based system to provide the best support to our customers. When your files and operations move to the cloud, we’re able to monitor everything from our operations center. Cloud-based support eliminates many of the common IT problems employees face since we manage the physical infrastructure ourselves. Your staff only accesses our cloud servers remotely, which gives your business added security. Even if your office were to catch fire, you wouldn’t lose a file.

However, we can also monitor your local servers and machines with remote access and software installations. We can be flexible and mix approaches as well. If you’re not sure which approach is best for your business, schedule a technology strategy session with our team to learn more.

Collaboration With Your IT Team

Fully managed IT does not have to replace your entire IT team. Indeed, there are some advantages to having a person on-site. However, it can be unpractical to have someone present 24/7. Managed IT services can fill the gaps in your team’s schedule. In addition, if you’re planning on a major IT project like a server upgrade or a data migration, we can help your technicians get the job done.

Managed IT also gives you access to more know-how. Our team of over 70 experts includes a variety of technical engineers, each with a unique background. As IT becomes increasingly specialized, it becomes harder for companies to account for every possible scenario through hiring alone. Bringing on a managed IT service provider can cover those areas that your team has yet to master.

Schedule a Technology Strategy Session

Advantages of Fully Managed IT

There are other reasons to consider fully managed Business IT support in Orlando. We strongly believe that managed IT makes better business sense. Consider a few benefits our clients have repeatedly highlighted.

Better Budgeting

Even though companies continue to increase spending on IT, the results do not always meet expectations. In many cases, a lack of planning leads to IT projects that overpromise but underdeliver. After investing in a large IT project, companies will likely continue to put money into it to see it to completion. Many of these issues can be avoided with managed services.

By planning projects appropriately well in advance, your company can make the most of its IT budget. Instead of facing lots of large, one-off expenses, more of your IT spending can be spread out to avoid large budget items when you’re least prepared. With our fixed monthly pricing for essential IT support, you’ll be much more likely to stick to your IT budget too.

Implement the Latest Software

Programs like Microsoft 365 can propel productivity forward. If you’re still using older versions of Microsoft Office software, you’re missing out on lots of useful features. Microsoft 365 gives businesses cloud storage, a wide selection of programs to use, and even a robust videoconferencing platform in Teams. If you’re still struggling to figure out how to balance the need to return to the office with workers’ needs to work from home, modern cloud software is the perfect solution.

We can also help you set up other cloud-based software programs. Ask one of our experts about the programs you use and we can recommend the best software upgrades for your company.

Compliance With Data Privacy Laws

We expect data privacy laws to continue to spread. Already, many large markets like Europe have adopted extensive rules regarding data security and consumers’ rights to data privacy. Even if you aren’t located in a state where data privacy laws apply to your company, other states’ and countries’ laws may still apply to you. If you interact with consumers that are protected by data privacy laws, you must respect their rules.

We can help your company evaluate its current status and plan a path toward full compliance. Being compliant will make it easier to land large government contracts, secure sales abroad, and expand your business.

Less Downtime, More Productivity

Ultimately, the biggest advantage of switching to managed IT is that you’ll have less downtime, which means more productivity and therefore, more profits. You’ll find your company operates more efficiently and your IT team, should you choose to have one, will be able to focus on projects that add value to your organization.

To get started with fully managed IT, schedule a technology strategy session with Cyber Command. One of our IT experts will be happy to discuss your needs and customize a solution for your company.